Hide the Eraser


#leatherybourbon #love #100DaysToOffload

You have deep love of the world and its people. You worry about them. You see suffering.

People will suffer because of choices made by others. You alone are not responsible for that. Right now especially, you don't need to “fix” it or be sidelined in anger or frustration or resignation or fear of uncertainty.

What you are responsible for are your actions and your choices. You can choose to be kind and loving to others. You can choose to model decency and respect. You can choose to shape your character in accordance with your values.

You can choose to tune out the noise and go about the business of expressing your values in the world. You can learn and strive and aspire. You can recognize that there are people who think like you, others who don't, many who don't care, and, on some issues, places where your way of doing things trends toward the unique. The world is a big place.

Focus your attention on that.