Hide the Eraser?

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I've never had much trouble writing. I can do words.

But I have had trouble sharing. As a future an ex-academic, I blame much of that on academic training. Where writing was once easy (prior to graduate school), it became labored and difficult during and after inculcation into the academic priesthood. You are trained, in that world, to expect everything you utter to be criticized mercilessly. Even when that criticism is fairly constructive, the myth remains that somehow others are the sole judges of your scholarly value. Anything you do is by default cannon fodder for others.

It takes a long time to exorcise those formative habits. One antidote is simply to write things — low stakes perhaps — and put them out “there” in some form.

And then hide the eraser. Because perfectionists can be stuck trying to take back and redo when they need to proceed to the next thing.


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