Out of sorts days

Ever have those days where you're oddly out of sync and there's no good reason why? I think maybe it's a caffeine thing (too much? too little?) or maybe it's just a need more sleep thing. Or maybe it's a weather turning cold thing. Or staring at a screen too much.

The world just seems a bit less settled than it should be. Anxiety creeps in at the edges for no good reason. I've got stuff to do (so much stuff...) but I'd really rather watch tv. And I rarely would rather watch TV.

Maybe I'm hungry. But it's late in the day and they're out of all the food. Why does a cafe run out of food like that when they are open plenty more hours? Maybe it's a headache. (Is it a headache?) Maybe it's too much sugar. (i can certainly do with less of that.) Maybe I do need to eat something.

It's one of those days where I feel like I'm in a cocoon of tasks, all cutting and strangling but also completely irrelevant.

Just out of sorts.

Or election day. Maybe it's that.